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Taya & Deuce
AKC American Golden Retrievers
pet price: $1500
Summer 2020- Estimated due in August/September
We have openings on this list. Please contact us if you are interested!

First Pick: Alex

Second Pick: Talyn

Third Pick: Dana



First Pick male: Abigail

Second Pick: Ryan

Third Pick : Zach


Taya is an AKC light American golden with her CGC title. She weighs 60#. Taya has her OFA prelim hip "good", elbow "normal", eyes "normal", and cardiac "normal". She is also CLEAR for genetic diseases including PRA-1, PRA-2, prcd-PRA, ICH, NCL, and MD. This girl really is a great one with the temperment of a therapy driven dog, she does have her CGC title. She is eager to learn is always happy to see everyone! Deuce is a nice red with a beautiful coat. He weighs 75#. He has a fantastic disposition and willingness to learn. He has many puppies on the ground with fantastic results. They are service, hunting, and pet quality. With his blocky head and beautiful build he will compliment Taya's build.  Deuce has his OFA Hips  “Good”, OFA Elbows  “Normal”, Eye Cerf “Normal”, Advanced Cardiac “Normal”,  PRA1 “Clear”,  PRA2 “Clear”,  PRA,PRCD “Clear”, Ichthyosis "affected", and  Degenerative Myelopathy, “Clear”, and NCL clear. He also has his CGC title. 

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