Service Dogs!

It is our goal to provide happy and healthy service prospects to those in need. JOIN OUR PUPPY SOCIALIZATION PROGRAM!
We are opening up a new program for our service donation puppies. We are looking for new families that would be interested in joining our new Socializing Program!

What is this program?

This program is a 5 month "foster" type program that will allow us to keep a couple puppies back in family homes, so we can allow them to develop before choosing what puppy will be the best fit for a service home based on their temperament, personality, drive, and health. We will expect these puppies to join every day family activities, learn basic obedience skills, and after vaccinations are complete (paid by us) we would like to see the puppy join a class for socialization. After the 5 months are up, we will take the puppy back to assess temperament, drive, health, and then decide if the puppy will be a good fit for the service dog world! 

What is required?

  1. Live within 2 hours of Gillette Wyoming

  2. Have a solid, clean home 

  3. Have a flexible schedule that will allow the best opportunity for socialization and obedience for the puppy

  4. Be able to bring the puppy to Gillette when needed for vet visits and/or assessments

  5. Understand this is a foster ONLY program. You will not get to keep the puppy.

Will I get paid?

Yes! We will be paying our homes $100 a month for this program. We will also be paying for all the vaccinations and food for the puppy. Your only expense will be whatever items you would like to purchase for your puppy for fun!! 

Do I get to keep my puppy and why?

After the 5 months (or a bit before) is up, we will be taking the puppy back to assess the puppy and decide if they will be a solid candidate for service work. We will work with a professional trainer to evaluate their temperament, drive, workability, and personality. We will then be doing radiographs to make sure the dog is growing orthopedically sound to be able to do service duties. This is a temporary housing system, so you will not be able to keep the puppy you socialize. The only exception will be if the puppy does not make the cut or we decide to transition him/her to our guardian home. Remember, the goal of our program is to have all the puppies flourish and be able to donate them to service homes.