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Rita & Trigger
AKC English/American Golden Retrievers
Limited pet price: $1800
We expect Rita to be in heat in April/May 2021
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Reserved until the litter is born. We currently have a full list for this litter. 

Rita is a light AKC American golden. She weighs 60#.  Rita has her OFA hip "good", elbow "normal",  OFA eyes "normal" and OFA cardiac "normal". She is also CLEAR for genetic diseases including PRA-1, PRA-2, prcd-PRA, MD, and NCL. This girl really is a happy girl with a person, oriented temperment. She has a very athletic build.  Trigger is a light golden retriever with his CGC title, weighing in at 70#. He has excellent hips .30/.32 (pennhip), OFA elbows "normal", eyes "normal", cardiac " normal", and is Clear for genetic diseases including PRA-1, PRA-2, prcd-PRA, NCL, ICH and MD.  Trigger is a happy happy guy with excellent build. He has great form and a nice stocky head. The coats on these puppies should be phenomenal. This pairing should create some awesome puppies. They should be smart and eager to please. With some training these squirts may be able to be trained to excell in the field. 

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