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Wyoming Sky Philippians Red Thistle "Phil"

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Wyoming Sky Philippians Red Thistle

American Golden Retriever

Color: Golden 


Philip is an awesome fella from Texas. He has a pedigree full of field lines. We are super excited to add him to our program and get some puppies out in the field from him. He has been started in field training, and should be able to get some titles summer 2020. 


Hips- .35/.32 pennhip

Elbows- OFA "normal" prelims

Eyes- OFA "normal"

Cardiac- OFA "normal"

prcd-PRA- clear Embark

PRA1-clear Embark

PRA2-clear Embark

ICH-clear Embark

MD-clear Embark

NCL- Clear Embark

Phil has also been cleared for 173 other genetic diseases through embark. See his results here


K9Data Pedigree


Philip's pedigree includes the following Champions

Sire's Pedigree:

Goldnguns Rough N Ready Rebel MH QA2 WCXUH

HRCH Gold'N'Gun's Marshland Sniper Can *** QFTR MH WCX

Pacificgold's Marshland Poacher Can. WCX MH CD

Redstorm's Autumn Breeze Can *** MH WCX

Goldngun Flirtn With The Law Can CD MH WCX CGN

Master's Lil Bit Of Sunglow SH WCXRed Desert Dust MH WCX ***

UH HRCH Quartermoon's Buckwheat Gold CD MH WCX OS

HR Wasatch's Ice Breaker JH OD

Katy Sunglow CD JH

Dam's Pedigree:

Thistle Rocks Max Q Elusive Confederate MH QA2 WCXFC AFC LaCrosse Max Q Jake JH OS FDHF

FC AFC OTCH Topbrass Ascending Elijah OS FDHF

Redstar's 'Tess' Of Lacrosse MH WCX *** OD

FC AFC Firemarks Elusive One WCX OD

AFC Emberain Rugby WCX OS FDHF

Firemark Start Your Engines *** OD

Thistle Rocks Thunderstruck By Joy JH **Thunderstruck Like None Otter QA2 MH WCX OS


Satchabrat MH MNH OD

Thistle Rocks Je'a Blue Jeans SH **

Wham Bam's Rum And Coke MH ** WCX OS

Thistle Rocks Red Leelo OD



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