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All puppies from this litter are sold.

Izzy & Bo
AKC English Golden Retrievers
Limited pet price (tentative): $1800
Winter 2018- Bred and due January 25th



Puppies born 01/28/2019

First Pick: Ivy

Second Pick: John & Jessica-guardian

Third Pick: Sheena

Fourth pick: Grant- training program



First Pick male: Nathan (red)

Second Pick: Bob 

Third Pick : Robert

Fourth Pick: Alyssa

Fifth Pick: Noel - training program


Izzy is an AKC English golden with her CGC Title. She weighs 55#.  She is due January 2019. She as been bred. Izzy has her OFA hip "good", elbow "normal", eyes "normal" and cardiac "normal". She is also CLEAR for genetic diseases including PRA-1, PRA-2, prcd-PRA, ICH, and MD. This girl really is a great one with the temperament of a therapy driven dog. She has a very feminine build. She is eager to learn and passes that down to her puppies. Bo is an English golden retriever with his CGC title, weighing in at 66#. He has great hips .29/.34 (pennhip), elbows "normal", eyes "normal", cardiac "normal", and is Clear for genetic diseases including PRA-1, PRA-2, prcd-PRA, ICH and MD. This litter will be clear through parentage. Bo is a happy happy guy with excellent build. He has great form and a nice stocky head. The coats on these puppies should be phenomenal. This pairing should create some awesome puppies. They should be smart and eager to please. With some training these squirts may be able to be trained to excell in the field. 

see k9data for litter here