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Izzy & Koda
AKC English Golden Retrievers
Limited pet price: $1800
Summer 2018 (Ready to go home in July)
see k9data for litter here
Izzy is an AKC English Golden. She is approximately 55#. She had 4 boys and 4 girls.  We bred her to Koda, imported from the Ukraine, out of Utah.  He is about 75#. He is from fantastic CH & INT CH lines. Izzy has her OFA hip "good", elbow "normal", and eyes "normal". She is clear for Pra-1, pra-2, ICH, MD, and prcd-PRA. and Koda has his OFA hip "good", elbow "normal", and cardiac "normal" done. Koda is clear for Pra-1, pra-2, MD, and prcd-PRA. He is an ICH carrier. 

Please check out the links below to view pedigree and test results. 


Izzy K9Data 

Koda K9Data

Puppies - 4 boys & 4 girls
Born 05/31/2018
(We have one female available)
1.Mary Rose Lombardi
2. Cindy Thompson
3. Cindy Thompson
4. Kaylynn donahue
1. Cherity & Tom Vetack
2.Jane/ John Buxton
3. Amanda Jackson
4. Debra Howard