Health Guarantee &

Sales Contract

All puppies will leave Wyoming Sky Goldens with a health guarantee and contract. Puppies will not leave until this is signed and agreed upon. 

Below are some of the following details addressed in the contract. Once a deposit is placed, we will assume you agree to the contract whether or not it is signed. Please see the end of the contract:


All of our puppies come with:

  • Vet Checked by our Veterinarian

  • Health Records

  • 2 Year Hip Guarantee against genetic moderate or severe hip dysplasia, and genetic diseases**

  • Shots & Wormed (appropriate with age)

  • Micro Chipped

  • Limited AKC Registration Application (Full may be requested for breeding rights)

  • Puppy Packet filled with tons of information put together by us.

  • Lifetime support for you and your new family member from us.


**2 Year Hip Guarantee against genetic moderate or severe hip dysplasia which cripples the dog beyond proper movement, and genetic diseases including PRA-1, PRA-2, ICH, MD, NCL, and prcd-PRA disease.  Because 60% of all canine hip dysplasia is related to poor nutrition, we require that your puppy continue with the Life's Abundance Nutritional System or a PawTree Diet  for the first 26 months of his/her life in order to qualify for this 2-year health guarantee. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! If you continue with Life's Abundance Nutritional System or a PawTree Diet for the first 26 months, this dog is guaranteed against genetic moderate or severe hip dysplasia, and genetic diseases including PRA-1, PRA-2, ICH, MD, NCL, and prcd-PRA disease until it is 26 months of age. The OFA is the sole and only judge in determining hip dysplasia. A certified veterinarian must confirm any “affected” genetic defects such as PRA-1, PRA-1, prcd-PRA, MD, NCL, and ICH. Purchaser is to spay or neuter (unless already done) the Golden Retriever and keep him/her as a companion. Half the purchase price will be returned. If buyer would like a full replacement puppy or refund, he/she must return the original puppy.   


Limited AKC Registration Puppy Contract Details below will apply. 
The buyer(s) shall provide proper nutrition, vet care, shelter and exercise. The pup shall be socialized properly after all immunizations given, to include other people outside the family, other dogs, and strange places. Obedience classes are recommended before the pup is 1yr old. Also, always keep a Golden Retriever reference book on hand to refer back to, please call with any questions, we want to help you. 
In regard to hereditary defects, there are never any guarantees that a dog would be free of all genetic disorder from past generations.  But since we may not know if there are any potential weaknesses in a dog, we believe that the diet and lack of vitamins can exacerbate these conditions if found. Therefore, by providing the dog with quality food and supplements, we are hoping to reduce the chance of these potential weaknesses from hindering their quality of life, should this ever occur.  
2 Year Genetic Guarantee: - this guarantee does not include the vet check, OFA exam, shots, worming, transportation, carrier, or other fees. This 2 Year Genetic Guarantee is for the health of your Golden Retriever, and does not cover accidental death, neglect, abuse, or injuries that your dog may sustain while being a part of your family. We believe that Life's Abundance Pet Food and Supplements are a great combination to provide your dog with optimal health, so that your puppy can live a long and happy life with your family! 

Please review our adoption contract, and please note that monetary amounts vary on each litter.  We do not take personal checks. Certified checks and money orders only. Checks and letters must be written out to Kourtney Haddix.