Welcome to our family of health tested, hunting, performance, and working golden retrievers located in Gillette, WY. Our goldens make fantastic pets as well as working partners!

We do not currently have any puppies available. Our 2020-2021 litter lists are currently full. 

Visit our purchase detail tab above to view details on how to adopt one of our littles!

About Us


Wyoming Sky Goldens is a working golden breeder located in Gillette, Wyoming with over ten years of experience working with golden retrievers. Our goal is to have a working (field/service/sport) golden retriever that is able to be a phenomenal family member and pet as well! We believe every golden retriever should always be part of the family! 

We strive to be responsible and honest breeders so our puppies owners have an amazing experience with their new puppy. 

Guardian Program

We do not believe in kenneling our dogs. Therefore, we have a team of guardians that are home to some of the wonderful dogs in our breeding program. This program allows us to continue to produce fantastic puppies while keeping all of our dogs out of kennels. We also get to avoid retiring our older dogs to new homes. This way they are raised in their forever home and remain a part of our program. 


Because nutrition is one of the most important factors while a puppy is growing up, Wyoming Sky Goldens feeds the best food out there for our dogs. You can click on "Nutrition" to learn more. 

Our program began in Montana, however we moved to Wyoming in 2018. We dedicate ourselves to giving our all and bettering the breeds of the dogs we breed. We are committed to providing healthy and superior puppies to loving families.

Our goal is to have a working golden that you can take in the field all day, but is still able to have a shut off and be a phenomenal family member as well. Our dogs get to live normal, spoiled lives as our family members. Our puppies are raised inside and socialized starting day one until they leave to their new families.

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